Aquatic Therapy is an excellent adjunct to physical therapy. It provides a safe and efficient method for achieving movement. The physical properties of water diminish the effects of gravity making the initial stages of rehabilitation much more effective. Using the combination of water principles and advanced techniques, our therapists can achieve a faster, yet safer rehabilitation.

The Center for Physical Therapy houses a pool unlike any other in Dutchess County. Our 16′ by 20′ therapy pool, custom built specifically for Aquatic Therapy, features multiple depths for ease of progression. The pool is equipped with a Badu system, a jet that provides 7-MPH of resistance to those who swim or run against it. 32 Jacuzzi jets provide our patients with massage, desensitization and relaxation.

Why is Aquatic Therapy beneficial?

  • Warm water can promote muscular relaxation and decrease muscle spasm.
  • Exercising in water can decrease pain sensitivity by reducing comprehensive forces on the joints.
  • Reduction of gravitational forces allow a patient to stand, walk and strength train without causing damage to healing structures.
  • The amount of weight bearing can be controlled and progressed in a functional manner.
  • Hydrostatic pressure provides more effective and more comfortable compression than that of an ace bandage. It also serves therapy well for desensitization and for proprioceptive feedback.
  • Reduction of tone and spasticity
  • Water is unique in that it has the ability to assist, support and resist movement.
  • Facilitates age appropriate movement patterns.