We take great pride in our sports program. We are affiliated with the local high schools, colleges (Marist, Vassar, the Culinary, Dutchess, Mt. Saint Mary’s) and clubs including track, bicycling, soccer and baseball. Many of our staff are avid sports fans/athletes and have undergone many of the same injuries for which we currently treat.

The sports program is similar to the orthopedic section, yet there is a heavy emphasis on conditioning the whole body and returning the individual to his/her sport. It is not uncommon to find the therapist and athlete outside throwing a baseball, kicking a ball, shooting hoops or running with a sports cord. We have heard many people state “We are in better shape now than before we were injured”.

The program is intense. It is individualized. It is safe. Most importantly, we will educate the patients and supporting family in their role of care. We love working with the motivated individual and are not bothered by questions of “when can I return to sport?”

We also offer free screenings for anyone who has an orthopedic concern. This visit will steer one in the right direction whether it be physical therapy, orthopedic consult, neurological consult, podiatry etc…

What is a screening?
A screening is a free evaluation performed by a physical therapist to evaluate an injury or condition.  The therapist will direct the patient in his/her proper course of action.  Please call 845 297-4789 and request a screening.  Many patients, friends and athletes have taken advantage of these screenings.

We have provided stretching classes for many teams and will continue to do so at a mutual convenience. Please call and speak to Chris for details.